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The Fototeca Antica A. C. is a vibrant non profit institution whose mission is contribute to the vital tasks of research, recover, preserve, catalog and promote and disseminating the photographic cultural heritage of Mexico.

In 1996, as a result of an individual effort  to consolidate a private collection of antique Mexican photography, a  photography Archive is constituted. This  preservation and recovery effort was then significantly and gradually expanded , giving rise in 2001 to the charter of a Photographic Library, with its own Facilities and Exhibition Gallery.

Antica assists in the appraisal of the works of various authors and their antique images as a documental, historical and artistic expression that is invaluable and irreplaceable.

Born and located in Puebla de los Angeles, the Fototeca Antica, A.C. focuses on  national imagery, nevertheless, with a clear awareness of the special mission that it must perform regarding Puebla’s cultural heritage: to disseminate the works of its important authors, that since  the Imperial  period  showed outstanding qualities; as well as to preserve the photographic memory, including those from anonymous authorship, of our streets and monuments, civil and religious architecture, urban and rural landscapes, events, life and its cotidianity.